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    Person's SCA Name   Region   Branch Name   Discipline   Weapon Form   Marshal Level   Authorizing Marshal    Expires On   Is Minor?  
    Villius AntoniiCentralMadroneArmored CombatTwo-HandedNoneSven Gunnarson2026-05-22
    Villius AntoniiCentralMadroneArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneSven Gunnarson2026-05-22
    Vin Tio BargagnaInlandsVulkanfeldtArmored CombatSpearJuniorStyrkarr Jarlsskald2017-01-12
    Vin Tio BargagnaInlandsVulkanfeldtArmored CombatTwo-HandedJuniorStyrkarr Jarlsskald2017-01-12
    Vin Tio BargagnaInlandsVulkanfeldtArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldJuniorStyrkarr Jarlsskald2017-01-12
    Vin Tio BargagnaInlandsVulkanfeldtRapier CombatSingle SwordNoneShannon O'Duncan2017-01-12
    Vin Tio BargagnaInlandsVulkanfeldtRapier CombatSword w/Offensive
    NoneShannon O'Duncan2017-01-12
    Vin Tio BargagnaInlandsVulkanfeldtRapier CombatSword w/Defensive
    NoneShannon O'Duncan2017-01-12
    Vincent DessauvageTir RighHartwoodRapier CombatSingle SwordJuniorSabine de Provence2008-07-08
    Vincent HawkynsTir RighCold KeepRapier CombatSingle SwordSeniorHenry Nathaniel Hawkyns2012-07-15
    Page 1150 of 1208

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