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    Person's SCA Name   Region   Branch Name   Discipline   Weapon Form   Marshal Level   Authorizing Marshal    Expires On   Is Minor?  
    Crundmael nic FeradaigSummitsGlyn DwfnRapier CombatSword w/Offensive
    NoneFeradach mac Tralin mec
    AidanCentralMadroneYouth CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneSarah Pixie2018-08-13NO
    Joseph CeawlinsonInlandsWealdsmereYouth CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneSteinbjorn Tros2017-09-20NO
    Refr GunnarssonCentralAquaterraYouth CombatYC Weapon & ShieldNoneSarah Pixie2021-09-14NO
    Refr GunnarssonCentralAquaterraYouth CombatYC Two-HandedNoneSarah Pixie2021-09-14NO
    Thane CedericsonInlandsVulkanfeldtYouth CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneKara Reginasdottir2021-04-07NO
    Thane CedericsonInlandsVulkanfeldtArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneStyrkarr Jarlsskald2027-05-17NO
    Anna DanzilkerInlandsWastekeepYouth CombatTwo-HandedNoneSteinbjorn Tros2015-06-15NO
    Anna DanzilkerInlandsWastekeepYouth CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneSteinbjorn Tros2015-06-15NO
    Thorin StyrkarrssonInlandsWastekeepYouth CombatTwo-HandedNoneJolgeirr Alarson2017-07-21NO
    Page 1225 of 1233

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