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    Person's SCA Name   Region   Branch Name   Discipline   Weapon Form   Marshal Level   Authorizing Marshal    Expires On   Is Minor?  
    George Slade the DragoonCentralPorte de l`EauArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneMartin le Harpur2026-01-23
    Felicitae De lHayCentralMadroneEquestrianCrest CombatSeniorKolfinna Hestasdottir2012-06-15
    Felicitae De lHayCentralMadroneEquestrianGeneral RidingSeniorKolfinna Hestasdottir2012-06-15
    Felicitae De lHayCentralMadroneEquestrianGround Crew - SeniorSeniorKolfinna Hestasdottir2012-06-15
    Felicitae De lHayCentralMadroneEquestrianMounted ArcherySeniorKolfinna Hestasdottir2012-06-15
    Felicitae De lHayCentralMadroneEquestrianMounted GamingSeniorKolfinna Hestasdottir2012-06-15
    Rayner UlfgarssonCentralStromgardArmored CombatSpearSeniorAlthaia filia Lazari2026-07-03
    Rayner UlfgarssonCentralStromgardArmored CombatTwo-HandedSeniorAlthaia filia Lazari2026-07-03
    Rayner UlfgarssonCentralStromgardArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldSeniorAlthaia filia Lazari2026-07-03
    Miranda FioltiarnaCentralStromgardEquestrianCrest CombatSeniorTove æt Horslei2026-09-04
    Page 4 of 1159

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