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    Person's SCA Name   Region   Branch Name   Discipline   Weapon Form   Marshal Level   Authorizing Marshal    Expires On   Is Minor?  
    Cailean MacLeodSummitsGlyn DwfnArmored CombatTwo-HandedNoneAelfric Thorfastson2022-03-01
    Cailean MacLeodSummitsGlyn DwfnArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneAelfric Thorfastson2022-03-01
    Kermit O'DevlinSummitsBriaroakArmored CombatSpearNoneAelfric Thorfastson2013-06-30
    Kermit O'DevlinSummitsBriaroakArmored CombatTwo-HandedNoneAelfric Thorfastson2013-06-30
    Kermit O'DevlinSummitsBriaroakArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneAelfric Thorfastson2013-06-30
    Guillaume de BruggesSummitsGlyn DwfnArmored CombatSpearNoneAelfric Thorfastson2014-04-17
    Guillaume de BruggesSummitsGlyn DwfnArmored CombatTwo-HandedNoneAelfric Thorfastson2014-04-17
    Guillaume de BruggesSummitsGlyn DwfnArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneAelfric Thorfastson2014-04-17
    Cailean the YoungerSummitsGlyn DwfnArmored CombatTwo-HandedNoneAelfric Thorfastson2014-06-27
    Cailean the YoungerSummitsGlyn DwfnArmored CombatWeapon & ShieldNoneAelfric Thorfastson2014-06-27
    Page 5 of 1159

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